The taste of tunbridge wells

What makes our water special

Premium Water for Premium Occasions

A touch of class

What makes our water special?

Bottled at source from the same aquifer as that which feeds the famous Chalybeate Spring, enjoyed by royalty since 1629, this is not your everyday spring water. Extracted from a borehole buried 160 metres deep beneath the rolling green hills of Kent, in the shadow of the Spa Valley Railway. Naturally filtered by Tunbridge Wells’ sandstone and bottled mere metres away. Any occasion is complimented by the crisp and pure taste of Royal Tunbridge Wells classically still and delicately sparkling spring water.


A touch of class

A water that looks as good as it tastes. The Royal Tunbridge Wells Spring Water bottle has been designed to reflect the essence of the environment it has been sourced from. Clean lines, elegant labelling and rewarding to pour, it has an air of understated quality that is echoed in the refreshing taste its contents leaves on the palette. Providing the perfect accompaniment to any delicate dish and the ideal refreshment for any high-class event. No other beverage offers a real taste of a Royal Spa town.

Classically still or delicately sparkling

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The Source

The water that built a town

Royal Tunbridge Wells Spring Water is sourced beneath the green fields of Poke Hill, originating from the same aquifer as the famous Chalybeate Spring.

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water bottling process

The Process

Bottled at source

Royal Tunbridge Wells Spring Water is bottled at source on a state of the art bottling line to preserve the pure fresh taste enjoyed by all.

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The Product

The taste of Tunbridge Wells

Royal Tunbridge Wells Spring Water is available in classically still and delicately sparkling. Place your order here.

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